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Sunny Okosuns’ family disowns ex-queen, Ethel, says she’s not their father’s daughter

That's strange. I've known Ethel for a while now and I've always thought she's the daughter of late music legend Sunny Okosuns...but the family is now saying she's not their father's daughter.

Ethel Okosuns won the Miss Earth Nigeria pageant in 2005 and is currently the project director of Exquisite Face of Africa pageant. In an interview with Vanguard just last month, Ethel talked about growing up as Sunny Okosuns' daughter and said she still missed her dad...

But the Okosuns family in a statement exclusively made available to Vanguard and signed by the singer’s son, Sidney Ehimare Okosuns disowned Ethel. The wrote:
"We wish to state categorically that Ms. Ethel is not our sibling. She is not the daughter of our father. Our father had four children: Sidney Okosuns, Michael Okosuns, Adesuwa Okosuns and Ebony Okosuns.
This is not the first time Ms. Ethel has … used our late father’s image and likeness as “name dropping” to achieve whatever affluence she seeks. She needs to stop identifying herself as the daughter of the Ozziddi great musician.

Years ago, Ms. Ethel as a teenager wondered into our Yaya Abatan home. Our parents ran a liberal attitude home, welcoming visitors and strangers to our sprawling Ogba Estate. Thus, our home was always busy with people from all walks of life.

Ms. Ethel walked into our home, pleaded with my dad that she wanted to sing and had no other place to live in Lagos. My parents welcome her to our compound, offered her unconditional food, shelter and love. She never left for several years. The generosity and kindness of providing her food and shelter does not give her automatic birth right to the Okosuns.”
Prince Nnamdi

Prince Nnamdi

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