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Tonto Dikeh is a brat – Okoroji

Tonto-Dike2Remember we published a story two weeks ago that some movie producers have ganged up against attention-seeking actress, Tonto Dikeh.  She has done it again prompting Chima Okoroji, a movie director to vow never to have anything to do with her again.
Okoroji who has said he would never have anything to do with the actress explained that, he engaged in war of words with the actress and almost beat her up on a movie set in Enugu.
Okoroji said, the actress fought with almost everyone on set including Ken Okonkwo, Ngozi Nwosu and many others. She eventually walked out on all of them after she was called to order.
“While on set, she kept on insulting, fighting and quarreling with everybody. She was very rude and uncouth on set. Whenever I tried to correct her, the producer, Kaycee (Filmark), will intervene and beg me not to confront her. But I got pissed off and eventually called her to order when I could no longer take her insults and rudeness.
She immediately flared up and started insulting me publicly in the presence of my cast and crew members. And when some of her senior colleagues tried to intervene, she also tongue lashed them. Tonto walked out on us the moment she was done with her insults and refused to shoot till the next day after many pleadings by the producer. She even threatened to arrest and deal with me for daring to call her to order on set.
Another problem I had with Tonto on set was her heavy drinking and smoking, she uses to delay my production. It was so bad that the owners of the house where we were shooting told us to leave because they were tired of inhaling the smoke from her incessant smoking. She needs help and prayer because she is a brat,” Okoroji said
The controversial actress was in the news last Monday for attempting suicide.
Prince Nnamdi

Prince Nnamdi

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