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'I did not attempt to marry another woman while married' - actor Solomon Akiyesi now claims

Lol. This Solomon Akiyesi is a comedian. On April 13th 2013 he attempted to marry another woman in Lagos while he had a wife in Port Harcourt. I even sent paparazzi there to cover the disruption that went down when his real wife showed up at the wedding venue (read here). But now Solomon claims he wasn't attempting to marry another woman, that it was all blown out of proportion...

What happened to the lady you were about to wed in Lagos?
'Let me explain this, I was not going to wed anyone. It is not possible to wed another woman when you have a subsisting marriage. My ex wife and the woman I was purportedly marrying knew why we did what we did on April 13 2013. But the story became so crafted to look like I was actually going to marry another woman. I took all the shame and shut my mouth. Maybe one day the truth will be revealed. But who would marry a woman in Africa without paying the bride price and other traditional rites? And maybe proper court process. I challenge anyone to come out and say I did any of those processes on another woman beyond my wife. Which of my family members was there at the so called wedding? Who can stand and say I gave them a wedding invitation for April 13 2013? I did not marry or attempt to marry another woman as overblown by idle minds. I am a man and if I felt my wife no longer served her purpose in my life, I would disengage through due process and marry somebody else. After all I have seen men who would bring in another woman even into their matrimonial home while the original marriage subsist. Did I do such? No I didn't. What happened on April 13 2013 was a combination of factors, both spiritual and physical. Whoever will use that against me may as well do that a million times and perpetually dwell on that. I have no apology.' he told Encomium. Continue...

Not long ago, you had issues with your estranged wife, has it been sorted out?
On that issue, let me say this is the first time I  will ever grant an interview. I was shocked to see a lot of Idle bloggers and magazines or newspapers claiming I said this and that in an interview with them. Okay yes, the issue has been sorted out.
Are you guys still living together as husband and wife?
Its not abnormal to have marital upset here and there but I guess being an actor made mine worse, giving room for wannabe bloggers, magazine and newspapers to feast on my misfortune. We are not married anymore, we have gone our separate ways.
How long were you married?
Our legal marriage was consummated in 2007, so we were together for six years
Why was it difficult to continue with the marriage?
I was not the one who opted out of the marriage. My father in-law pressurized my wife to leave the marriage or he would disown her. Her level of misunderstanding of marriage also made it worse. So she had to align with her father.
What is your relationship with the lady you were about to marry now?
Everybody went their separate way that day and I haven't seen her or spoken with her since then.
Any regret with what happened?
I have no regret at all because a missed step can actually quicken your speed.
How did your family react to it?
I am not used to family fighting my course. I have been a one man riot squad for years. I was born a warrior. I fight my battles and I win. Besides, I cannot say I come from that family that is so bonded.
So when are you getting married?
I don't really know.
What would you be looking for in your wife to be?
Friendship then understanding
So are you searching now?
I don't know if searching is the word but you and I know I deserve a home and a family to run home to after work
Prince Nnamdi

Prince Nnamdi

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