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Chika Ike’s Secret Confession About Her Hot Temper

Not everyone would believe that beautiful Chika Ike got hot temper to deal with, the Nollywood actress and businesswoman admits that she is working on her hot temper in a recent interview.
She recently produced a new movie titled ‘Miss Teacher which she is promoting. She has this revelation to make.
“I had this feeling that one day I am going to be in the entertainment industry, because I loved to entertain people like I do in my house.
“ I dance, put on high heels, I loved fashion and then my mother used to say in an Igbo way that I was a fashion freak as a kid. So, definitely, they knew I was going to be in the entertainment industry, but didn’t know where because I danced, sang, and dramatised. I was just a happy child.
“I will speak in the third person. Chika Ike is focused, calculative, not very patient, but working on that. She is very determined and could be the girl next door, the neighbour you do not want to have if offended.
“Life has not been smooth; many things have brought me to tears. Recently, with things like the Chibok girls’ episode and the rest happening in our environment, it really touches a part of me.
Prince Nnamdi

Prince Nnamdi

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