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Dencia slams photo glorifiying curvy women and downgrading skinny women

Is this pose wrong? Here is what Dencia said about it
@iamdencia: "If this was a skinny girl doing that to the big girl the model will be bullied to death,the photographer and everyone involved in the process will lose their jobs,get all the insults in the world.Here's my thing,most people who have been made fun of because of their weigh know how it feels,now why would you turn around and do same thing?You guys will come here and say the media glorifies skinny women bla bla bla,
how many media outlets are out here compared to the millions of people in the world?Maybe if people lived their lives the way the wanted and do what they want,be who they wanna be,the media will have less effects on people.This picture is all kinds of wrong,it's never ok to think that you'll feel better about yourself by mocking someone or try to belittle someone or however you interpret the picture.Fat,skinny,tall,short in 2014 you can be who & what you wanna be,how you wanna look without trying to push the next person aside to make yourself feel better. They'll call it art but if it was the other way around they'll say someone was degrading or mocking someone.#JustMyThoughts"
Prince Nnamdi

Prince Nnamdi

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