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Lamar trying to get back with newly single Khloe Kardashian

It's no news that Lamar had been trying to to win back Khloe,but couldn't see her because of French Montana . Now she is single again,he is reportedly  trying to win her back.Remember he refused to sign divorce papers...According to Hollywood life,
The split] makes it that much easier for him to get back with her and be her husband.'He wasn't too fond of that rapper anyway and thought he was a sucker - Khloé's rebound man!'Real love always wins in the end. ......He knew that wasn't going to last.'French was there so she could get her mind off Lamar. We all know that. He did his job, played the role he was supposed to play, and now he's gone. Just like that!' Kris thinks Khloé is very vulnerable right now and the last thing she needs to do is jump back into a relationship with Lamar.'Kris always feared this would happen because she knew, as Khloé's mother, that her daughter wasn't over Lamar. Call it a mother's instinct.'
Prince Nnamdi

Prince Nnamdi

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