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Nicki Minaj reaches new heights with Jessie J in UK No 1 track

    Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj has made it to the top of the UK singles chart for the first time, appearing on Jessie J’s track, Bang Bang, alongside Ariana Grande.
    A new song by Jessie J has given rapper Nicki Minaj her first UK No 1. Bang Bang, recorded by Jessie J but with Minaj and Ariana Grande as guests, becomes the American’s most successful appearance in the singles chart.
    Oddly, Bang Bang isn’t as big of a milestone for either of Minaj’s co-stars. Grande’s Problem hit the top spot earlier this year, and Jessie J has had two prior No 1s. Minaj has never before charted higher than No 2, despite two platinum-certified singles and the biggest international profile of the three. In some ways, Bang Bang may be an advance agent for Minaj’s song Anaconda, which gets its British release in October.
Prince Nnamdi

Prince Nnamdi

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