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Lil Wayne’s Former Groupmate Turk Calls Out Birdman And Cash Money

He says it's deeper than the money. 
Lil Wayne is in the midst of a money-related disagreement and lawsuit with his label, Cash Money Records, and its co-founder, Birdman, in a saga that surprised the music world when it began to unfold in December.
The shock, though, didn’t particularly stem from an artist having issues with Cash Money — that’s happened plenty of times before. What seemed unique about this situation was that money was coming between family; after all, Birdman and Wayne were a self-proclaimed father and son tandem.

“We was more hurt, than anything, as far as the situation with Baby,” Turk said during an interview with “The Breakfast Club” on Power 105.1., referencing both his own financial differences with the label, and those of fellow Hot Boys Juvenile, B.G. and Wayne. “He kind of raised us, man, and to go through what we went through, and not get what we supposed to have, it just was like, Damn.”
Turk says at the time, almost two decades ago, not only did he not know much about what he should have been owed, or the contract that he signed, but he was still living good — for the moment.
“We got cars, we got houses, Rolexes; you know, material things,” he said, later adding that Birdman was like a father figure to all of them. “But what I know now, I’m supposed to still be getting checks. I’m on platinum albums, I never got a publishing, I never got an artist royalties, I never got none of that.”
As Cash Money was continuing to reach new heights in the early 2000s, Turk was sent to prison after a plea deal on an attempted second degree murder charge. After spending nearly a decade there, he was released in 2012.
This past February, he filed a suit against the label for $1.3 million in unpaid royalties.
He says he recently linked back up with Wayne, Juvenile and former CM producer Mannie Fresh, and that they’re all on good terms. But he’s still waiting to square away his finances with his former label.
“To be a part of them, [Cash Money] kind of opened up doors for me, and I appreciate Baby and [fellow Cash Money co-founder] Slim for that,” he said. “But the fact still remains, you owe me.”

Prince Nnamdi

Prince Nnamdi

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