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Angela Okorie – “I Can Never Do chest Or Bum Implants”

Famous Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie revealed in a new interview with Saturday Beats, that she can never do breasts or bum implants because she’s not a fan of those stuffs.
Angela said: –
“Don’t mind rumour mongers. What chest implants? I was the one that posted a picture on my social media page one day while I was playing on set. I play a lot and one day while we were on set,
someone brought some balloons to the set. I blew the balloon and put it in my shirt and posted the picture on instagram. In the caption, I wrote that I just had a chest implant and I asked what my fans felt about it. I was only playing on set. A lot of people began to comment calling me a crazy girl. That was what I did. I did not have any chest implant. They knew I was joking but they just wanted to talk. I am fine the way God made me. I am a complete woman and I can never do chest or bum implants.”
Prince Nnamdi

Prince Nnamdi

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