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Natasha Hamilton backed by Celebrity Big Brother viewers as favourite after breakdown

It's been difficult for Natasha Hamilton, but Celebrity Big Brother viewers are showing their support after her emotional breakdown this week.
The last 24 hours has seen a flurry of bets on the Atomic Kitten singer, who is the runaway favourite to win the reality show as Farrah Abraham and Jenna Jameson continue to target her.
She is now leading the way with odds of 2/1 that she'll leave the house a winner, whilst her rivals find themselves much further down the pecking order.
Rex Features Natasha Hamilton listens to Farrah's angry tirade
Natasha Hamilton listens to Farrah's angry tirade
Although James Hill (5/2) and Bobby Davro (5/1) look to provide some competition, Farrah and Jenna find themselves further down at 16/1 and 40/1 respectively.
A spokesman for Ladbrokes said: "Fans are convinced Natasha is whole again and she's a certainty for glory in the house. James and Bobby appear to be the only two standing in the way."

The American beauties reached new lows as they slate the singer during an intense chat in the bedroom, with Jenna saying: "I’m going to call out Natasha and it's going to be big."
Farrah then chipped in: "She is a f*****g cancer!"
Jenna in particular seems to have a serious issue with Natasha after she nominated her for eviction on Thursday.
While the British star explained her reasons calmly, the Queen Of Porn appears to have taken extreme offence to the decision.
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