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4 Tips To Carry Out In Order To Have A Natural Pink Lips

Are you tired of getting
red lipstick on everything
your lips touch? If you
want lips that look red
without the mess, start
by conditioning your lips to bring out their natural
color. Using a subtle lip
stain made with berry or
beet juice adds is a great
natural trick to have up
your sleeve for days when your lips need a
colorful boost. To keep
your lips looking their
best, use sunscreen and
moisturizer so they'll
always look bright and supple instead of flaky
and dull.
Method One of Three: Prepping Your LipsPhoto 1
1Use a sugar
scrub. Dry, dead skin that builds up on
your lips can cause
them to look paler
than they otherwise
would. To bring out
your natural reddish hue, you need to
exfoliate your lips to
uncover the fresh skin
underneath. An easy
way to do this is by
mixing up a homemade lip scrub
with ingredients you
probably already have
on hand. Here's how
to do it:<br /> Mix a teaspoon
of sugar and a
teaspoon of
honey (or olive
oil, if you don't
have honey available).
Scrub the
mixture over
your lips using a
circular motion.
Scrub the
mixture over
your lips using a
circular motion.
Rinse and repeat
until your lips
are dry-skin
free.Photo 2
2Brush your lips
with a toothbrush. If your lips are too flaky for a
simple scrub to get
through the skin, try
brushing them with a
toothbrush. Cover your lips in baseline,
wet the toothbrush
with warm water,
and then scrub your
lips in a circular
motion. Scrub each section of your lips for
20 to 30 seconds
before moving on to
the next. Your lips
will be good as new
when you're finishedPhoto 3
4 Condition your
lips with serum. Now that you've uncovered
your natural reddish
color, condition your
lips with a layer of lip
serum to keep them in
good shape. Applying a serum overnight
will give you even
better results; you'll
wake up with soft,
pink-hued lips. Try
using one of the following oils as a
natural lip serum: Coconut oil Almond oil Olive oil Jojoba oil - See more at:
Prince Nnamdi

Prince Nnamdi

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