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2 Things Every Man And Woman Must Do After Having S.ex Especially Every Woman Need To Read This

Over the years, there have been different discussions about things women should and should not do before s,ex. More extensively, this topic has been considered for men too and different opinions have been shared on it. It should be noted that women have been misguided many times about the things to do before s,ex, during s,ex and after. A lot of women have been left confused as they do not even know what to do or not do at all. Many women just throw all these sayings away and try to optimize the pleasure while it lasts.
Now this is a bit confusing as many women prefer to pee before s,ex so they would not have to get up during s,ex. Some women also feel they should do this before s,ex so they do not confuse having an 0rgasm for being pressed because of a full bladder. Many women experience 0rgasm like they want to pee, therefore, they prefer to have an empty bladder so they do not confuse the sensations. During s,ex, bacteria could get into the urethra from the vag!na.

Urinating can push the bacteria further into the body. Not peeing after s,ex makes the bacteria find its way into the bladder and this becomes an infection at the long run. Urinary tract infection could be prevented by using certain methods of contraception. A diaphragm is perfect for this purpose as it presses on the bladder and prevents it from emptying out completely. Urinating after s,ex allows the trapped bacteria to be passed along in the urine.

Make Note of Discomfort. That’s Normal and Discomfort That’s Not, Sometimes pain happens during s,ex. The two primary discomforts you might notice once in a while, Streicher says, are pain from being too dry down there and a deeper sensation that could be caused by issues including constipation, a muscle spasm or your partner hitting one of your ovaries (which is more likely if you’re ovulating, as it temporarily increases the size of the ovary).
Prince Nnamdi

Prince Nnamdi

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