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3 Signs Your Lover Will Surely Cheat On You, Especially If He Has Number 3 Sign.

1. Cheating has found to be one of the major causes of separation among couples.
Men cheat on their partners for different reasons but the end result is heartbreak. So why do men cheat even when they are in awesome relationships/marriages? (it doesn’t rule out the fact that women cheat too). No definite reason has been given yet but there are very obvious signs that a man will cheat on his spouse sooner or later. He’s too hot. He’s the guy you’ve always dreamed of. He’s confident. He’s charming. He’s good looking (or at least not bad looking). Bottom line: he’s got lots of opportunities. Often he’s the one being approached. It’s not so much that he was out looking to cheat, but when something’s right there for the taking. well, it’s hard for most men to say no.

2. You’re not really right for each other.
We all get into relationships for various reasons, and most often it’s what we believe is a “spark”, or chemistry that makes us feel like we just “know” he’s the one. But the truth is that these feelings are usually just a mixture of our programming,insecurities and anxiety masked as “butterflies”. We want to tame that bad boy. We want to reign in the womanizer. Yes, a real ladies men are very magnetic (as most of us know all too well), but remember, he’s had a lot of ladies, and it’s a really hard habit to break.

3. His friends are cheaters.

His friends do it, and they’re good guys, right? Maybe his dad did it, and he’ll always look up to Dad. The more he’s surrounded with people who have cheated, the more “normal” (and thus acceptable to his moral system) it becomes. he will surely cheat.
Prince Nnamdi

Prince Nnamdi

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